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Bletterbach gorge Cornedo Castle Earth Pyramids

Bletterbach gorge
Cornedo Castle Earth Pyramids

The arcades and the historic city centre of Bolzano

The Guesthouse Zur Sonne is only 10 minutes by car from Bolzano, the provincial capital of South Tyrol. Leaving from the bus stop near the Guesthouse Zur Sonne, by means of public transport, in 10 minutes you can easily and comfortably reach the city centre of Bolzano, without expensive parking fees.
The first settlement of the valley, which was rather marshy at the time, was established near today's Cathedral of Bolzano. It is also presumed that, at that time, there was a fortress named Bolzano on the Virgolo crag. Today the city centre, that is the “old town”, is a favourite meeting point for sauntering or shopping. The romantic narrow streets offer visitors a magical atmosphere, while countless bars, restaurants and inns invite them to pause for a pleasant chat. The troubled history of this region is remembered by its monuments, such as the Victory Monument. However, in the city centre you can visit also other tourist attractions, such as the Cathedral, Piazza Walther or Ötzi, the “Iceman”.
Today as in the past, the arcades of Bolzano are the real heart of the city’s commercial life. The street is lined with delightfully set out shops and is reserved exclusively for pedestrians; a long time ago it was embellished with circular arches. This is an ideal starting point for shopping and even just for window shopping and watching the people passing by. At the western end of the arcades (Via Portici) you can find the colourful Piazza delle Erbe another gem in the city centre. Here you can buy fresh fruit, vegetables and flowers all year long.

The Christmas market in Bolzano

In the period before Christmas, Bolzano turns into an extraordinary outdoor theatre. The streets and squares are festooned with brightly-lit garlands, the clip clop of horse-drawn carriages resounds in the narrow streets, and the tempting aroma of roast-chestnuts makes your mouth water.
The city is strewn with tastefully decorated little stalls offering traditional handicraft products in wood, glass and ceramic, as well as pretty Christmas tree decorations and delicious sweetmeats. If you have no ideas for your Christmas presents, you’ll be sure to find the perfect gift here!
If you are looking for some relief from the winter cold, you can get warm with some mulled wine or hot apple punch, served in the traditional Christmas market cups or enjoy a mug of hot chocolate in the “Sacherhaus”. As a background to this magical atmosphere, the festive sounds of seasonal music.
Finally, a saunter in the tastefully decorated streets and squares of Bolzano will inevitably evoke in every heart the joyful moments before Christmas.

Astronomical observatory “Max Valier”

In the municipality of Cornedo you can find the “Max Valier” astronomical observatory. The observatory offers visitors the opportunity to take guided tours that may be combined with an excursion along the Planets trail.

Astronomical observatory Astronomical observatory Astronomical observatory